The Irrefutable HEPATITIS B CURE. (it’s quite a lengthy post but it’s the best you’ve read on this virus).

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HEPATITIS B and C are one of the under diagnosed deadliest diseases in Nigeria. I label it very deadly because it can go asymptotic in it’s host for several years, thereby causing irreversible damage.

If you’ve been tested positive, never feel depressed as you aren’t alone in this, lots of diagnosis are made daily. All you need do is read from the beginning to the end. In this article lies the solution you so much desire – knowledge is power.

The virus attacks nothing but the liver cells, which overtime disrupts the hundreds of functions of the liver cells which eventually puts the body system in a state of disarray.

When diagnosed, a series of laboratory analysis, both physical and blood based are requested for; (1). LFT – Liver Function Test.
(2). HBsAb – Anti-HBS. (3). Hepatitis B Profile. (4). HB DNA Viral load. (5). Liver Biopsy. (6). Abd Ultrasound.

The most basic of the above tests is LFT. It’s the most requested for by medical practitioners and it’s so simply because the virus injures the liver cells and the liver enzymes leak into the bloodstream. What LFT does is to quantify the amount of leakage of the enzymes (eg. Bilirubin, ALT….) in the blood and this is what will inform the decision of the Physician in charge towards drugs prescription. The major enzymes I personally look out for are: ALT, Bilirubin, AST and ALP.

As against the belief of Orthodox medicine even though the virus is deadly, YET IT IS CURABLE.
Over-reliance of black population on the West (world leading pharmaceuticals) in making provision for a cure through research may take a long time to come and here are the three major reasons:
(1) The African Americans in the US are far underrepresented in Clinical trials and pls, don’t forget that this race is the only one that has some form of similar hematological structure with blacks living in sub sahara Africa which you and I are part of. The reason mentioned above was a topic of debate in a health conference I attended a few months ago and the two websites’ links below talks extensively on this topic of high importance:

(2) Nigerian based research is necessary because it would take into consideration our environment, living conditions and it’s effects on drugs discovery process and already existing cure claims.

(3) African continent and the country I speak for in particular, which is Nigeria shouldn’t expect much from the United States because Hepatitis B is what 92% of Nigerians who have Hepatitis suffer from whereas Hepatitis C is what is more prevalent in the US. Therefore, resources in the US is more invested in HCV. Half of HBV patients in the US are also Asians.
With my experience in this field, I can count the number of HCV patients I have attended to, they are few while I’ve attended to hundreds of HBV patients.

So, you should expect the US government to spend more of tax payers’ money on the variant of the virus that posses more health risk on it’s citizens the most ‘HCV’, and that’s why there’s already a breakthrough on it.
I will attach to this article a screenshot showing the epidemiological study that showcases the spread of the variants of this virus in the US.

One third of HBV patients do have a form of gastrointestinal disease like Ulcer, lactose intolerance and GERD. What I tell this set of individuals is educate them on how Hepatitis compromises the liver and its functions and how a compromised/underperforming liver brings forth the above listed diseases. These people don’t require additional treatment. The moment the they are cured of the virus, the liver regains its functions and these diseases disappear because they are secondary diseases that arise as symptoms from another primary disease.

Few of the vitamins needed are; Vitamins C, D and E.
Vits C and E are one of the best free radical fighters in the market. Anyone that needs good antioxidants should do for them as their importance can never be overestimated. The 2 Vits help protect your liver from further attacks from free radicals.
Vit E also helps protect the integrity of the cells.
Vit D: I tell my patients this is one of the most unique vitamins I know of because it also doubles as a hormone.

I’m often disappointed when patients are not being asked to supplement with this vitamins because every 8 out of 10 HBV patients always run low on this.
It’s a pity that most Doctors don’t understand the field of Free Radical Chemistry because if they do, they will know the importance of prescribing some vital vitamins while at the same time warning them against others.

E is a good addition. Be careful when taken multivitamins that has A in high dosage, this will definitely harm your liver, I promise. The reason is A is stored in the liver cells and am sure you don’t want additional burden on the liver. A should be only taken in the form of Beta carotene which you hardly find in multivitamins.
D is better gotten from early morning sunlight, don’t stay indoor all day.
E is great in different forms.
K, the clot factor is better taken with moderation.
Iron in multivitamins: Almost all multivitamins in the market contain Iron in high dose, this isn’t good for you, it will harm your liver the more. Pls, take note.

Livolin forte, Silymarin or Silybon which is the active substance of the plant Milk Thistle , Lamivudine, Ribavirin, Baraclude, Tenofovir, Entecavir, Pegylated Interferon. These are most of the prescribed hepatitis B drugs in Nigeria.
All these are anti viral drugs that will help reduce viral load but not make you lose the virus’ surface Antigen.

If you can’t afford our drugs, I suggest you stay with the pieces of advice given above.
And pls, no alcohol or any herbal concoction that hasn’t been analyzed to be safe. Adequate rest, minimal intake of protein, nuts like groundnut only minimally too, Lecithin from boiled egg yolk is beneficial, at least take 3 litres of clean drinking water daily, only mild exercise is advised and moderation in all you do.

In conclusion, antiviral drugs only inhibit the replication of the virus and thereby reduce viral load.
Our drugs are not antiviral but a safe Virucide that is specially formulated from natural ingredients safe on the liver cells. They bind directly with the virus and deactivate it without causing any harm to it’s host. Our drugs are encapsulated with all ingredients solely sourced from the wild of the Amazon rainforest where the contamination of modern day society is non existent.

NOTE: To discourage plagiarism in the Health sector, kindly always call and scrutinize anyone who has written any article promoting a health remedy, make them defend what they claimed to have written,that way you can be sure of being in safe hands.

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