The Cure for Hepatitis B and C.

HBV and HCV. Hepatitis B is in two stages, acute and chronic, which is very common in our society than many people know. If you’ve tested positive, don’t panic, i have seen even so many public figures test positive too, you are not alone in this.
Chronic hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus can be cleared off the system completely unlike what conventional medicine would tell you but it takes several months of consistent treatment and your adherence to medical instructions. In some, 3 months, in others more. During the course of treatment i do make sure my patients stay away from alcoholic drinks, herbal mixtures of any type, processed oils, some certain pharmaceutical drugs, excess protein intake, little or no meat and i advice you do the same because there’s need to relieve the liver of heavy work as it’s already under attack(inflammation). No sugar, you eat moderately at a time. Liver inflammation which is caused by hepatitis affects your livers ability to digest some certain foods and substances and as a consequence your absorption and assimilation rate is reduced.
If you have ulcer or any gastro intestinal tract disease/condition together with hepatitis B or C, then you need a better and regular care by a listening physician like myself. Please, never eat any food that has grown mold, don’t even try to clean it off or cook and eat. Molds like plants have roots, molds roots are microscopic and they will remain in the food after you might have robbed it of your food surface. Orthodox medicine still don’t have a cure for hepatitis B and C and they are not ready yet to acknowledge any cure that comes outside theirs as majority of this cures can’t be patented. Liver biopsy is a bit invasive, HBV DNA/viral load is costly, Lamivudine, pegylated interferon and ribavirin is what i see through my patients that most doctors prescribe which can’t clear the chronic forms.
Taking multivitamins is a good idea, especially when you have an ongoing chronic liver disease, but pls, all Chronic Liver Disease sufferers should ascertain that their multivitamins don’t contain iron. If you also want to take Vitamin A, pls, let it be in form of beta-carotene. Based on my person research, I have found out that Vitamin D is always drastically low in every 9 out of 10 chronic HBV and HCV patients I have treated in the past and considering the importance of Vitamin D, there’s need for supplementation.
Vitamin E and Vit C are good antioxidants you need. They help fight free radicals that might cause further damage to your liver cells, so I expect any Physician that understands the field of free radical chemistry to prescribe this to his Liver disease patients, but it’s a pity that most doctors don’t do this. The B vitamins which are 8 in number is also good for you as they help the liver in the conversion of food to energy(body fuel) but your ailing liver doesn’t need one of this B vitamins called vit B12(cobalamin). You can include boiled eggs in their diet as it’s yolk contains Lecithin which has a fat that your cells love. You don’t have to take this vitamins separately in different pills, you can simply look out for a single formulation that contains the above listed vitamins in the proper dosage.
Pls, choose your multivitamins wisely.
Hepatitis B and C are curable with my drugs(Chronic B Virucide) but if you can’t afford my treatment/drugs, take to the advice above, take adequate water, proper sleep and make these few supplements/medications close to your heart, i promise they will help: Livolin forte[contains some liver friendly B-vitamins], vitamin E and you can always alternate between Livolin forte and Silymarin/Silybon(the active substance of Milk Thistle). The most important thing is not just buying the supplements but also buying a high quality brand, if possible stay away from drugs or supplements with heavy chemicals, organic is better because all ingested chemicals go to the liver for detoxification which we are trying to minimize in the case of hepatitis B and C as the liver in this case is a bit compromised. But be careful and if you can afford the services of a professional in Hepatology like myself, please do because i don’t advocate self medication.
NOTE: If you have a medical condition or disease that has defied orthodox solutions, don’t hesitate to talk to me for free as no one deserves to live in ignorance-induced pain.
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