As from today, 18th of January to the end of this month of year 2019, we are making our drugs more affordable for our patients. As part of our yearly ritual we are giving a N5,000 discounts on our drugs(applies to only HBV/HCV drugs) and we also offer a complete free-on-delivery service of our drugs to all our prospective hepatitis B/C patients.

This is our own little way of showing the love we have for all our patients and this is what we do every year. Free vaccines is also available for everyone at our ‘World Hepatitis Day’ seminar this year in Portharcourt on the 28th, July 2019.

Always balance what you eat, take adequate rest and stay away from toxic substances of any form, doing this reduces the detoxification process the liver does all the time.
Health is the greatest Wealth.
Kerbbilona cares.

NOTE: Offer expires as soon as the number of drugs dedicated to this course is exhausted.

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